“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.”

John Hope Franklin

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Got the good news that I will be one of the New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship holder to continue my master in International Business next year is really a blessing. Thus I have decided to go back to the place where I started to learn the reality of life.

SMKA Pedas is where I belong, a small school with big dreams located near Wet World Pedas. As I went back I start to realized that nothing really change here and I like it that way. My teacher Pn. Rosiah Othman is the teacher I keep in touch with till today. She encourages me a lot in all field possible from a volleyball player to a Tokoh Nilam. She is my best friend, my second mom and my strong supporter and I hope that I am able to be the one that she can be proud of one day.

The sharing moment that we had (between me, abang Hizbul and the form 5 students) last night is one of the beautiful moments in my life. I have been to many schools for yayasan presentation however that is not enough to give me strength and confidence to meet my own juniors, because they have a special place in my heart. They are beautiful students, looking at them reminds me of me when I was there in Pedas. With all the achievements and hardships that we have shared with you last night, I hope that it ables to motivate you to be a better person in the future. SPM is important but as you grow you will start to realised that "A" is not just on paper but also in LIFE.  You have to realised what do you want to achieve and who do you really want to be in the future. Life is a game and only the best man wins.

Always tell yourself that you are a miracle and a miracle will always has interesting things to share to the world. Read a lot of books as knowledge is very important. Spread the word of peace as peace is through understanding. Be good to people especially your teachers and parents.

"Jangan tergesa-gesa niatmu, bersabar sampai nanti Tuhan tentukan hajatmu"

Good luck for SPM and I wish you a great bless life ahead. Thank you very much for having me.

Sharifah Zahra
President International Secretariat
Yayasan Mahasiswa

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