“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.”

John Hope Franklin

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Where the heart meets the Seoul by

Hementhassan Ambalagan


First of all,I would like to thank Pn.Sharifah who brought us to South Korea and I would like to thank Yayasan Mahasiswa too for giving me opportunity to share my experience and knowledge from this trip.From this trip,I noticed that I get a lot of friends from Korea and local too.Next,the palaces over there are well constructed and this shows how intelligent and dedicated the king was.Each and every carving on the stone attracts our attention because of the hidden meaning in the carving and it's really outstanding.The ancient weapons which were used by the king in war were really awesome and some of the weapons are still using by the army but the weapons are modified such as rocket launcher.Moreover,the weather over there was really cold but I did enjoyed myself eventhough I was shivering on the first day because first ever in my life I had a chance to experience the winter season and snow and I was really excited.The food over there are different from our country.They usually served us noodles and some kind of soup.Eventhough,it were new for me,I did enjoyed my meal because it's delicious and healthy.I heard most them in Korea are vegeterian and this shows they are more concern about their life and healtiness.I really appreciate it.One thing that I was amazed during the entire trip was 3/4 of them in Korea can't speak English well and they are proud with their language.Eventhough,they can't speak english well,they didn't shame of it.This must be a lesson for our upcoming generation.Moreover,the country is really clean and peace.Anybody can walk around the town or some other place peacefully and safely.I was shocked.First time in my life,I watched a movie in 4D.In academy wise,thay are better(sorry for it) because the students over there are well trained.Even the goverment didn't discriminate students who weak in studies.The goverment gave a chance to weak student to excel in sport so that they can help to bring up the country in sports wise.If the students perform well in sport,they are choosen to participate in olympic.That's a good idea by the korean goverment.Their traditional costume also unique.Finally,I wore their traditional costume.I was excited.On the last day,we went for a show which was really awesome.I was attracted with the lightning and the backdrops.I had a chance to take pictures with characters from the show.This is my outstanding experience from this trip.Many thanks to Pn.Sharifah who took care of me and the rest.She's really a wonderful and good hearted teacher.I didn't feel lonely during the entire trip when I was with her and with my lovely friends.I would like to thank my friens who is Azryl who offered this trip to me.Im really thankful for him and I would like to thank Yayasan Mahasiswa for organising such an amazing trip.There were some programmes really knowledgeable such as Asan Memorial Hall and Hyundai Ship factory.I get a lot knowledge from it and I won't it forget untill the end of my life.That's all from me.Many thanks.

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