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John Hope Franklin

Monday, 30 June 2014

Ramadhan Kareem and Indonesia Video

Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims :)

May this Ramadhan brings more joy, happiness and blessing to your door. 

We are currently working on our New Zealand Educational Visit for this coming December. I have checked the proposed hotel in Auckland. We hope that everything will go well for the preparation. Do drop us an email if you are interested to be part of the trip as the registration is still open.

Welcome home I wish for our Korea Educational Visit trip last May. It was great to know that you are having such a wonderful time in Korea. As yayasan aims to provide the best educational visit, I believes that the homestay program and school visit has made an impact in your journey and hopefully it does for your future undertakings as well.

Korea video will be up real soon, herewith I attached you the Indonesia Educational Visit video. We have done few visit to Indonesia and hopefully we will continue doing it each year. SK Tengku Mahmud was our first primary school client. There were 20 students in the group including 4 accompanied teachers. We have provided them with the opportunity to perform their well performed kalam jamaie, choral speaking and choralsical.The trip was meant as a training and motivation for them before their national competition. 

We at Yayasan were honored to be given the opportunity to be the organizer for their trip and we do believe that the students had gained valuable and meaningful knowledge and experience from it.  For the respective students of SK Tenku Mahmud, we wish you all the best and congratulation on your UPSR and national competition results. We are proud of you and may you be someone that will make Malaysia proud oneday. We look forward to meet you again and do keep in touch :)


Salam Ramadhan Kareem.

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