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Monday, 2 December 2013


Bismillah, and hello to everyone!

Our pleasure to come back again in this awesome blog to share our new experiences with you, you, and you.

Chennai, previously known as Madras, one of the four big cities in India containing about 7.4 million population is filled by many kind of people. But one thing for sure, you will see how the Tamil Nadu people are so used to practice their custom, particularly wearing saree for females. It is very difficult to find female citizens to wear nothing but saree only every time. And the normal outfitting of the opposite gender; males is collared shirt and kain pelekat/sarung or trousers.

People are everywhere on the road thereby earning for their everyday lives. Just like how I have been wondering all the time, I am sure you too will do the same once you are there when you see many people walking on the streets shoeless.

"People are shoeless because they are comfortable to carry on their everyday works like that," said Mr. Venkat, our tour guide for the first three days of our visit there.

And tell you what. You might first get annoyed whenever you are on the road as the people used to blow horn to each other, as a form of communication telling other road users that they exist on the road. This is even proven by the caption written in many of Indian owned produced vehicles; 'blow/sound horn,' such as lorry and others. But as time passes by, you will be getting used to it and somehow will be wondering if you just didn't hear the blown horn.

On top of all, this was a very wonderful academic cum humanitarian journey, which I will share in the next post soon. For photos do click here YAMahasiswa, India with MRSM Mukah

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