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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Chennai (India) is over while Riau (Indonesia) is progressing


Hope everyone is happily smiling at this moment while reading this. As distance is just a test to see how far Love can travel, well it is sad to inform that Chennai Educational Visit was over last 2nd December 2013 and at this moment the Riau trip is currently going on in Indonesia. It was really a great pleasure to be part of the India Educational Visit programme. As the group leader, I am glad to see the smiley faces of all the beautiful students from MRSM Mukah, I hope they had a great educational time with us.

We visited the traditional dancing school; Kalakshetra, shelter home and HLC International School. The students had a chance to perform their traditional Malanau dance all they way from Sarawak in HLC. The HLC students were really impressed by their "silat" performance demonstrated by Arif and Hadi. As exchange they perform for us their traditional Indian dance, music and songs. It was a great cultural exchange activities. We had a chance as well to have an interactive session with the director of the school, Mr. Naveen. We went to see the sari production area, where the government has specialized that industry for the poor to help them, thus they converted half of their houses to be saris production section. Each house has their own machines and all the members of the family contributed in producing the saris.

There is a lot to learn from India, the country, the people, and the culture that definitely touch my heart and I hope it does touches the students hearts as well. We are lucky to be born Malaysian who do not live in a slum, who don't shower using yellowish water, who don't sleep beside the road with dog as accompany. Anywhere you go there are poor people and beggars, Mr.Naveen told me that the people who has car are just 2% of Indians, I could not imagine what and how is the life of the rest. Education is the only way to escape from poverty, however, how can the poor survive when education is not free in the country. The government is trying very hard to uplift the standard of the poor and narrowing the inequality gap. 

Children or little humans are beautiful there. Their smiles and laughter have made most of my days. They are wonderfully pretty, the helping hands that they give for the family is unimaginable, some has started working as early as sunrise at a very young age selling coconuts, fiercely looking at me probably thinking that I made fun of him since I was laughing, well definitely I'm not. Beautiful feelings are clearly being express in India. It is free to shout anywhere, laugh everywhere, few sad faces however, smiles come after money is given. People are interesting, observe the world as you will definitely see the beauty behind each step of your life as peace is through understanding. 

I would love to discover other world again with Yayasan and I wish that we could take you to the stars but there are a lot more that the world can offer that we have not discover.Under this beautiful sky I wish you a great, amazing and bless life ahead. For more pictures click here.

India : Story about Us.
Thank you =)  

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